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HackVenture Launches

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Affiliate Marketing, General Business, Interviews, Investing, Lifestyle Design, Passive Income, Productivity | 0 comments


This is it. After much preparation, deliberation, (and procrastination), I’m proud to finally announce the OFFICIAL launch of HackVenture!

*Sets off fireworks and pops confetti into the air*

There have been a fair number of false starts to this journey, as I keep falling victim to my bad habits of starting and not finishing. This time will be different, because this time, I’m coming in with a plan – a REAL plan! 2013 has been a year of ups and downs, but generally it’s still very much a good year in terms of my own personal development, and I look forward to a very strong and fulfilling 2014!

What Went Well in 2013

Biggest days in affiliate marketing - I don’t generally like to show screenshots like this, but this is a blog and nobody believes what people say on a blog so some proof is needed at times.



Over this same period of time and overlapping onto the first half of the year I was also involved in a few different joint ventures which went really well and resulting in the best year I’ve achieved so far. Best month I had was about $26k NETT but I’ve struggled to break that record ever since. From the 3rd quarter of the year, however, things just started going downhill as I started a consultancy with a partner and started having less and less time for the affiliate marketing business.

Getting a real physical office – Call me a sicko, but with all the talk about living the 4 Hour Workweek etc by other business owners in my demographic, getting a real physical office I can work out of has actually been a secret dream of mine ever since I fantasized about running my own show. In 2013, my consultancy partner and I rented a small little office and hired 2 sales staff. It’s been a major step out of my comfort zone but hey, now I can say “been there, done that” and look forward to expanding the team and all that good stuff.

First investment - Granted, it’s only a low 4 figure sum, but I have finally made my first investment into shares, but it was a nice little step out of the comfort zone and will set the stage for building my portfolio from 2014 onwards.

What Didn’t Go So Well In 2013

Getting screwed over by Darvin Legaspi - I hereby declare my personal vendetta against this scum of a man called Darvin Legaspi. He owes me $80,000, and I will do whatever it takes to claw back every single cent from him. I’ve dedicated a section of HackVenture to shaming him. Karma is a bitch, and Darvin Legaspi doesn’t deserve a single cent of the wealth he’s currently enjoying.

Being Unfit – I’ve always been a sporty kid, but I’ve seen a major decline in my physical activities in 2013 with our weekly basketball sessions getting cancelled at an epic rate, and the number of times I’ve actually gone running is pathetically dismal.

What’s Next To Come In 2014?

Now on to the exciting stuff! I’ve set myself some awesome goals for 2014 and look forward to hitting them one by one! This post written by James Clear has been one of the most important posts I’ve read about goals and systems, and has influenced the first 15 days of 2014 for me in a big (and good) way.

Here’s all the cool stuff I intend to do, awesome new ventures I’m going to start (and FINISH) and the habits I have started building that will no doubt make me a better person!

HackVenture - One of the driving forces behind making HackVenture a successful brand is Darvin Legaspi. I’m going to turn lemon into lemonade here, and have my hatred for him spur me into making HackVenture a massively successful brand and shaming him into returning my money!

Consultancy Business – I started this business with a partner while I was chatting with him about the new government schemes offered that are very useful to small businesses in Singapore. This has led me to huge instances of doing new and scary things like hiring and renting an office space etc. It’s been fun and made me grow alot, and most importantly, it’s now profitable thank goodness. We look forward to building this into a million-dollar company in the next 2 years!

Affiliate Marketing - It’s a shame how little money I’m making from affiliate marketing with the knowledge and contacts and experience I have. My peers have always told me that, and I know it too. In those rare instances I’ve actually plopped my head down to work on affiliate marketing, the results have always been good, and often VERY good. I need to quickly get some campaigns going, and then consider hiring 1 or 2 people, be it virtual assistants or physical staff, to help me out with the work I’m bad at. Priority would be to finally break into mobile CPA, and then get back where I left off with Facebook, PoF and PPV. – The webhosting business is incredibly saturated but the number of clients from parallel industries that still have a need for it is staggering. I decided to just give it a shot, and make this an opportunity for me to learn more about the business. I don’t foresee that it will become a big money-maker but it will be fun and I’ll learn alot.

Ecommerce Stores – My girlfriend’s family has a factory in Indonesia and there are all sorts of cool stuff we could bring over to Singapore to sell. This would be immensely time-consuming though as we’ll need to start building a brand etc, and the fulfillment part is still unclear, so this is more of a mid-term goal.

CreativeInvestments – Kudos to my partner-in-crime, I’ve discovered a source of investment that yields very high returns at very reasonable risk. No, not MLM, not HYIP and all that old-school stuff. I can’t say much about it now, but I intend to blog about them on a separate blog and see how this monster grows from there.

Keeping Fit – I’m proud and happy to announce that for the limited time that 2014 has started, I’ve followed through with my system of running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 3 times a week. It’s not much, and I don’t run great distances, but this is a huge step towards me running and exercising more. I’m already experiencing better alertness in the day and I look forward to becoming healthier and fitter so I have the energy to do everything I want to do!

Giant Publishing – This is also a mid-term goal where I want to start a publishing company, hire 3-5 writers and keep churning our niche sites as well as Kindle ebooks. Again, this would require significant time and monetary investment, but the results would be truly passive and long-term income. - This is a side project that’s one of those things I wished existed but didn’t. It’s basically an aggregator of productivity blogs; it’s not meant to be a money-maker, I just hope it becomes popular and benefits the bunch of people who are as geeky as I am about getting things done effectively. I’m really committed to making HackVenture a successfulblog and brand, and I look forward to sharing my stories of both success and failure with you.

Some interesting things that happened in 2013 business-wise include meeting up with Dan a.k.a polarbacon when he came to Singapore. It’s humbling how down-to-earth someone as successful as he is in real-life!

I also managed to play a few games of DOTA with my long-time hero Charles Ngo. He doesn’t know it, but I really look up to him and look forward to being as successful as he is in affiliate marketing, and becoming as prolific a writer!

Did you hit your goals in 2013? Are you ready for 2014? Let me know in the comments!


The Importance of Names

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in General Business | 0 comments

This is one of a series of posts I’m copying and pasting over from my old blog as I thought it was of “acceptable quality”.

I learnt something earlier on today which I thought will be interesting to you guys.

We all know names are important, whether they’re product names or domain names, because they helping in creating a good first impression, and more importantly, in branding.

Not forgetting the fact that having your keyword in your domain name helps tremendously in SEO. (Not that you didn’t know that, right?)

Quick tip: 
Download domain name analyzer. It’s going to help tremendously when you’re thinking of domain names for your sites. Just enter keywords off the top of your head and it’s going to see whether they’re available, in all different TLDs.

Now, back to what I was talking about.

Frank Kern has one of the best product names I’ve ever seen in internet marketing.

Okay, so it might not be the “best”, but it’s certainly one of my favorites.

Mass Control.

Short and sweet, easy to understand, reeks of mysterious power.

I found something interesting though.

The domain name for Mass Control is this:

With special emphasis on the word “site”.

So I checked out and guess what the site’s about?

“Wholesale Heating & Air Conditioning Supplies”.


(There really IS a whole big world out there outside of Internet Marketing, eh?)

So there you go.

Two lessons in this post:

1) Names are really important.

2) The world’s not going to end if you don’t manage to get the perfect domain name. (Most “perfect” domain names have been taken up anyway so no surprise there.)

So just grab what you can, and DO something about your business instead of fretting over minor obstacles like not having the “perfect domain name”.

With proper branding, or more likely to our case, with better SEO, not having getting a “perfect” domain name is a non-issue.

Why You Should Link to Other Sites

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in General Business, Passive Income | 0 comments

This is one of a series of posts I’m copying and pasting over from my old blog as I thought it was of “acceptable quality”.

I’m now reading Chris Anderson’s latest book, “FREE”.

Alot of it has to do with what we as internet marketers do online, so I highly recommend you buy it or borrow it from your local library when you have the chance.

I think he published the book online as well, but since I hate reading long-drawn books like this one on my computer screen, (even though I love my huge 21.5” Dell Monitor) I waited till I got the chance to read the hard-copy version of the book.

(Explains why the publishing industry is still surviving even with the endless amount of free information online, eh?)

Anyway, Chris has a paragraph in the book that just stood out to me and I thought I’d share it with you.

It’s about the invention of the hyperlink, and why you will want to link out to other people’s sites even though it brings you no tangible benefit right away.

Today when you link to someone on your blog, you are effectively granting them some of your own reputation. In a sense, you are saying to your audience :”Leave me. Go to this other place. I think you’ll like it, and if you do, perhaps you’ll think more of me for having recommended it. And if you think more of me, perhaps you’ll come back to my site more often.”

Ideally, this transfer of reputation leaves both parties richer. Good recommendations build trust with a readership, and being recommended confers trust, too. And with trust comes traffic.

Bottom-line: Don’t worry about the “loss of PR” that takes place when you link out or whatever.

As long as you think your reader might benefit, it’s okay!

The Power of a Disposable Website

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Passive Income | 0 comments

This is one of a series of posts I’m copying and pasting over from my old blog as I thought it was of “acceptable quality”.

I got an email from Paul Evans more than 8 months ago (I know because I still have that email starred in my gmail account) which I thought was very much in-line with how I got started myself, so I thought I’d share that with you today.

Here’s an excerpt from his email.

“Tomorrow I am going to share with you the most powerful strategy I know that let’s you fail without fear. If you will follow the
advice you will get more done in a day than you have in the last 3
months (maybe the last year).”

“And all it will take is a simple “rah, rah” mindset shift.”

Here’s it is…

You have permission to fail over and over again and it won’t even

How can you do that?


Stay with me.

What is holding most people back from DOING?
01 :: Lack of Experience
02 :: Lack of Confidence (which often comes from lack of

How do you get the experience you need?


Yet, almost no one seems to be practicing.

Maybe this sounds familiar…
You want your first website to make money.
You want your first product to make money.
You want your first squeeze page to capture everyone who lands on

You want your first sales copy to be magnetic and hypnotizing.
You want your first blog to be SEO ideal and your first post a


When did anyone do it “right” the first time?
Human beings cannot ride a bicycle right the FIRST time. Why in the world would we think we could create the perfect web business right the first time?

You and I need to practice.


Get a disposable website.

That pretty much sums up how I got started as an “internet marketer” myself.

I told myself I need to have a website, even if it doesn’t sell anything. I need to have some virtual real estate. I need to get some experience, I need something to practise all these “SEO”, “PPC” stuff I was just learning about!

So I went ahead and bought a domain name that was my own name,

It’s a placeholder website now as I’ve moved on to greener pastures, but that site was really what started me off on the right foot.

With that site, within a couple of months, I..

  • had something to show people what I’m doing
  • learnt that installing wordpress was a piece of cake
  • learnt how to use plugins
  • tried my hand at SEO and got the site up to a PR4!
  • made many marketing friends and exchanged links
  • wrote reviews on the blog and drove PPC traffic to them
  • made a couple hundred bucks from the above
  • got free preview copies of products from product owners because I showed them I was an internet marketer with the blog

The beauty was.. What did all these cost for me?

What, $9.95 per month, plus $10 or something one time for purchasing of the domain name?

Trust me, if you’ve not owned a website before, ever, you owe it yourself to get a domain with your own name and just play around with it.

This process is going to beat reading those $77 ebooks any day.

So do it!

Site-Flipping “Works”

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Passive Income | 0 comments

Marketing on the Internet is all about alchemy; turning 0s and 1s and ideas into cold hard cash.

(I’m gonna be talking about alchemy alot on this blog because I’m of the firm belief that Internet Marketing is ALL about alchemy.)

This is one of a series of posts I’m copying and pasting over from my old blog as I thought it was of “acceptable quality”.

Bao Lun and I have been working on an Affiloblueprint project for a couple of months now.

While we were still active at it, we’ve made about $1,000 worth of affiliate commissions from the project.

(Remember, all these money was generated from sitting in front of the computer doing things; no inventory, no risks, nothing of that sort. Can you not love internet businesses?)

We’ve been getting the occasional sale once every couple of weeks since we’ve started putting our focus on other projects, but I had this idea to sell the site for some quick cash, so I asked Bao Lun if he’s cool with it and he said yes.

So we did it and with some copywriting kingfu and mass control, we sold the site for $1,199.

This brings me back to something John Jonas once said, which made alot of sense.

I’m gonna rephrase it a little to fit the context of this post.

Site flipping works. Clickbank works. Adsense works. Heck, WSOs work, CPA works, PPC works, Social media works. As long as you focus enough energy onto making them work, they all work.

There’s a big lesson to be learnt from the above.

Grasp the concept and go make some money.