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About HackVenture


Hack – taking shortcuts and achieving objectives in the fastest, most effective way, often through unconventional and (sometimes) inconceivable ways.

Venture – venture as in business venture.

HackVenture – an Adventure in which a venture (business or hobby) is hacked up through unorthodox means.

So that’s that.

This blog,, is itself, a HackVenture.

Ok so this is starting to sound like the Matrix but I think you know what I mean.

I crave the thrill of building fun and profitable business ventures, and I look forward to sharing the trials and tribulations with you my dear readers here on this blog.

At the moment, my bread and butter is derived from affiliate marketing campaigns, from which I intend to diversify from and within ASAP as this is a business that has scary ups and downs.

Well a little bit more about me, I started off making my first online income via freelancing, working and WordPress and design and as an article writer. I now make a full-time income via affiliate marketing, and fully intend to build out other cool stuff and to scale out my current operations.

As we speak, 2013 has just begun, and I’m that much closer to finally having a full-time virtual assistant who could help me out with my routine activities.

I love business, I’m very much into lifestyle design, and I fully intend to spend a couple weeks in Bali/Malaysia some time in 2013 and focus on building out new websites and having fun at the same time!

Amongst the pipeline of lifestyle experiments I’m intending to take include:

– Living in Thailand for 3 weeks and seeing how it affects productivity
– Playing poker for a living (I don’t really know how to play poker at the moment, by the way)

On HackVenture I’ll also be talking about various aspects of investments etc, which I’m obviously a newbie at. However, I wholly believe that investing is not supposed to be complicated, so let’s see how I manage to progress on that front.