Musings about Business, Life & Web3

Who am I?

Just a random dude sitting around, who’s run a few businesses, invested in a few winning companies, loves web3, and decided to start a blog to ramble about what I’ve learnt along the way. Here are some of my interests.


I’ve made and lost so much money throughout my career I think it could be funny and interesting to talk about it sometimes.


I mess around doing so much interesting stuff in my life that getting sh*t done fast and well has become necessary to stay alive. You too, maybe?


A fancy way to say blockchain. Web3 is a huge part of my work, and I’m super passionate about this rise of the individual.


Even though I’m kind of a workaholic, I’m proud to say my family still recognizes me (sometimes) and we’re super happy so I guess I’ve got a trick or two to share about making it all work.

About Me

Yep, that's me, some sort of gorilla with a buidl-er hat. (In case you're not one of us, that wasn't a typo.)

I’ve been messing around wanting to write a blog for years. A quarantine of 10 days in Jakarta made me finally pulll the trigger and create this website in 1 hour. I can’t wait to share my life lessons (and jokes) with you.

“Jugg is like, the coolest internet dude I've ever met, we love losing money together.”
Emma Hart
“Most gurus make money selling courses. This guru writes for fun. He's stupid. So stupid.”
Erik Doe